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Animal Prints


Animal prints have been around for a long time and they are not going anywhere. They are timeless, they are classic and they’re perfect for any occasion.

Here are some of the most popular animal prints: zebra print, snake print, giraffe print, tiger print.

Animal print is a popular pattern that has been used in numerous fashion styles ever since the early 1900s. It was first used in clothing, but as time went on, it also found its way into furniture and home décor.

One theory is that animal prints were first developed to mimic animal skins because of the availability of animals for hunting and their importance as a symbol for wealth in some cultures. In the early 1900s, the zebra print design was popularized by Elsa Schiaparelli when she designed a black dress with zigzag stripes reminiscent of a zebra’s hide. The tiger print was also popularized at this time by Elsa Schiaparelli and these prints are still one of her most famous designs.

Animal print is one of the most popular prints in the fashion and textile industry. The prints are used for creating various textures and patterns for clothes, furniture, dishes, bags etc.

According to the History Lovers Club: “The first animal print cloth was made by a London-based firm (James Robinson & Sons) in about 1819 and was called Zebra stripes.”

The use of animal print was not just limited to textiles. Animal prints are also known from ancient Egyptian paintings on tombs

and temples

and they were often used as motifs on mosaics found in Ancient Greece and Roman Empire.

Animal prints are a popular print trend in fashion.

Animal prints are pretty much all about the animal look and feel that has come to be associated with these prints. They can be a bit whimsical, but they can also be very sophisticated. Animal print shades are usually black and white, but some might come in other colors as well.

They’re not just for coats anymore! Animal print is being used on clothes from the t-shirt to jeans, skirts and dresses too! It’s all about getting that animal look without the fur, so anything goes as long as it looks good on you!

Definition: An animal print is a design or pattern comprising an image of an animal or its pelt, usually one that recurs at regular intervals.

Animal print is often considered a taboo, but there are many people who love this pattern and wear different variations of it. Animal print is not just for clothing and home decorations, it can also be used in accessories, such as handbags and shoes.

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Animal print is a type of print that can be found in virtually all kinds of fashion, from skirts to shirts to dresses. It adds a vibrancy and freshness to outfits which is unmatched by other textiles and prints.

Animal print first became popular in 1938 with the release of the Hollywood film The Wizard of Oz, which showcased Judy Garland in a Dorothy dress with animal prints.

In 1958, Pierre Cardin introduced his animal-print suit, as well as his wild animal-print carpet at an important Paris fashion show.

Nowadays, animal prints are regarded as one of the most important trends for Spring 2022 womenswear collections; it was seen on everything from shoes to outerwear and lingerie, proving their versatility across different categories.


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