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We know we have some strict policies but you can inbox us for products you want if you find our site on maintenance at any time.

We also had mentioned mostly asked questions from people.


1)Is this business fake?

Ans) No, this business is not fake if this business is fake then why are we using the Bykea payment gateway on our site for Pakistan? , Bykea would never allow us to use their payment gateway if that was the case.

2)Your site has currency in USD how to change it?

Ans)On the left-hand side of the site you will see a square where there is written USD, click on that and select PKR then buy the product proceed to cart, and checkout with Bykea Payment Gateway which is for Pakistan.

3)Why haven’t you mentioned your WhatsApp Number?

Ans)Guys we don’t give our what’s app number until the client is interested in buying the product.

4)Why you guys are greedy and ask for money first?

Ans)Guys you need to understand that there are scams on both sides customers and manufacturers also, there are products that are present internationally but we manufacture those in Pakistan Wich require different materials, the manufacturing cost is required, so for that purpose, we ask payment from you first.

5)Why your site is so simple?

Ans) We focus on speed more so customers can shop easily without any hurdles rather than making our site heavy with heavy graphics content and customers face long waiting times to buy their product.

6)Do you return payment if ordered accidentally from your site?

Ans) No, we will not return that payment and will consider that order as a fake order, we have a very strict policy against fake orders, so it is requested to use your card wisely.

7)Do you accept bank payments?

Ans) Yes only when the customer is unable to pay with their visa/master card or doesn’t have one, other than that we don’t allow bank payments on site.

8 ) You have copied someone’s vase design and named it office floral?

No, we have not copied someone’s vase design but we have taken permission from the owner of that designer to manufacture this product, you will find this office floral on other international sites but in Pakistan, we are the first one to introduce this vase ( office floral ).

Hope we answered your questions well, don’t hesitate to ask questions, if that question is not disturbing to our terms and conditions we will surely respond and pin that answer for everyone.

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